The Leader of Smart New Retail

ume is a technology company focusing on providing one-stop new retail solutions and Internet financial platforms for small and medium-sized stores.

Ume Smart New Retail Platform

The only smart new retail big data platform on the market that integrates “electronic payment + SaaS POS and e-commerce + consumer super membership”.

Connecting Three Platforms

umePOS + umePass + umePay, combined with the store management system SaaS POS and Shop, connecting online and offline operations, membership and flow, and fully supports various non-cash payment collection applications and scenarios, and provides a complete new retail solution.

Three Major Technical Support

Relying on SaaS big data and AI business analytics to provide accurate decision-making basis, and achieve O2O full scene coverage through electronic payment.

Five Innovation Ecology

New marketing, new traffic, new category, new model, new experience, five innovative applications, making it possible for every store to easily experience new retail.

Five Steps

Join the ume member store with ease and increase your turnover

【Choose the ume package】 the plan fee that suits your store

【Online payment】Payment completed, account opening completed

【Create a store online or on ume APP】it can be used after filling in the information/application review

【Download ume APP】Mobile phone or mobile device

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